About us


Hello, my name is Paula  … I am the founder and creator of Paula's Secrets. My primary profession is a makeup artist and makeup educator .

I have dedicated my time and knowledge into crafting healthy bath and body products that my customers buy again and again for themselves and as conscious luxury handmade gifts, perfect for any occasion.

My love for bath and body products, skincare and beauty started years back when all I wanted was to understand labels of the cosmetics I was purchasing and rest assured that what I am using is the best for myself and my loved ones , as we know our skin is our biggest organ. It came as no surprise however that trying to find a good product was not easy at all and then later in time when my mother got seriously ill we had to be even more careful with the cosmetic products she was using.

That started my research and my testing, as I wanted to be sure she gets the absolute best. My beloved grandma had recipes for natural handcrafted soaps and creams, so I picked them up as well on my journey. I grew up watching her make them for all of us which we used for bathing, handwashing and even laundry ... So yes, it runs in the family.

That's where it all began ...Years later I decided to give a name to my passion and that's how Paula's Secrets was born . Making BEAUTIFUL products the old fashioned way. I am also very passionate about looking after our Mother Nature so the products created are recyclable or ZERO WASTE products.


Photography Aziz.Mahmood -Studio A